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Japan & South Korea Adventure Sep 2023

A trip that I had wanted to take for a really long time and was finally fulfilled.

quite a bit nervous. After not having flown for a long time and like others, got through Corona. all the delays and canceled flights. I was taken to Schiphol Airport on September 2, 2023 by our best friend Geert.

I was quickly through customs 5 hours beforehand. Well, I have flown a lot and know that it can be done much faster. At Schiphol Airport you often don't get through customs quickly, unfortunately. (think of Singapore)
I soon felt at ease behind customs again and started looking around. the travel jitters had started.

Watch the big adventure below!!

Day 1 Schiphol --> Abu Dhabi

Day 2 First day Tokyo Japan

 Day 3 TeamLab & Ramen Street

Day 4 Imperial Palace & Yoyogipark

Day 5 Shinkansen to Kyoto 331 km/h

Day 6  Inari Shrine - Kifune Shrine

Day 7 Nijo Castle - BambooGrove

Day 8 Shinsaibashi & Osaka Castle

Day 9 Harukas 300 & Ancient Nara

Day 10 Teamlab Garden Osaka

Day 11 Genbaku Dome Hiroshima

Day 12 Hiroshima Castle 

Day 13 Miyajima Island

Day 14 Kansai Osaka --> Seoul

Day 15 Secret Gardens Seoul

Day 15 part 2 Bukchon Hanok Village

Day 16 Seoul Tower & MyeongDong

Day 17 Gwangjang Market & DDP

Day 18 Seoul Station & Seoullo 7017

Day 19 The Way Home & JEWEL

Mount Fuji Japan