Welcome to Mark's Wanderlust

The Memories that you want, And be able to tell later, You have to make now ! 

Hi my name is Mark Pietersen and I live in Alkmaar in the Netherlands. 

 I have been able to travel a lot.

One day I was enjoying myself for the umpteenth time with some friends in the pub / bar. And thought! what am I doing here. I can do this everywhere. it is always the same. always the same bar / bar, always the same country / village or city. always the same people. (do not get me wrong I love the people around me) this can be different, I thought. So all the money I spent with going out, I saved up and a few months later I left alone for Thailand.
That is now almost 19 years ago. I have already visited more than 37 countries. and already slept in more than 160 accommodations. and flown almost more than 57 times. it is still not boring. on the contrary, the urge to travel is only getting bigger. 

But especially, I have met lots of nice people. from poor and rich. I have been able to make a lot of friends around the world. I can not wait for the next travel challenge.

                          The Memories that you want, And be able to tell later, You have to make now !

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in the woods of Sweden

Chamonix - France

Budapest - Hungary

The Terracotta Army - Xian China

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

A Morning in Marken at Markermeer